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Operating a business in today's world is not easy.  Markets are tight, competition is fierce and consumers are becoming more and more demanding.  Expectations are high, and as long as everything is going exactly as planned you have a chance to compete and succeed.

But what if things don't go as planned?

Major Incident:  a significant event, which demands a response beyond the routine

Handling:  The way in which something is taken care of or managed

Major Incident Handling is a term which represents a mindset and process where unplanned or unforeseen events are managed in a predictable and planned way.  When a chaotic situation strikes, the presence or absence of a Major Incident Handling Plan can literally mean the difference between a moderate chance for success or a probable failure.

With the above in mind, MajorIncidentHandling.Com is dedicated to the principle that individuals, companies and organizations, (small medium and large) have the knowledge and tools needed to meet any Major Incident or Emergency head on.  We can provide Consulting if you have questions about what type and level of Major Incident Planning you require.  Analysis if you already have a plan and just want to see if it is sufficient for your needs, and if planning is just not your forte and you would prefer to leave it to someone else we can provide you Design tailored to your specific industry, discipline and needs.

We hope you'll find the information on this site sufficient concerning the services that we provide, and we look forward to working with you in the near future.

When it comes to Major Incidents, "You must have a Plan. It is really that simple."

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