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Why Major Incident Handling

Why Major Incident Handling?
Because Major Incidents Happen!

Anyone who has ever flown on a commercial airliner has experienced a Major Incident Handling plan. From the steward and stewardess droning on about seat belts and oxygen masks, to the pilots in the cockpit reviewing checklist after checklist, to the little cards in the seatbacks ahead of you detailing exit locations and water landing procedures, all of these are examples of Major Incident planning in support of the airline's Risk Management goals and objectives. Plans such as these not only make good sense but are critical requirements driven by fiduciary responsibility, moral obligation, and legislative and safety mandates.

That said, many organizations and individuals continue to do business with no Major Incident Handling plan in place as part of their overall Organizational Risk Management strategy. Worse yet, when it comes to addressing that gap, far too many choose to remain in denial treating Major Incident planning as a task to be completed, "...sometime in the future."

This does not need to happen. All that is required is some forethought and a common sense approach to planning and documentation. Our goal is to clearly demonstrate why a Major Incident Handling plan is a core business requirement in today's world. To provide you services and tools to help you create your own Major Incident plan.  A plan that along with solid testing can bring big returns to your organization's overall risk posture. This in turn allows for an increased risk appetite, creating opportunities for a more a dynamic, agile, and competitive business strategy.

When it comes to Major Incidents, "You must have a Plan. It is really that simple."

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